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Center for Research and Advanced Studies of National Polytechnic Institute

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Cadence® Tools used in Electrical and Computer Engineering Courses

  • Microprocessors
  • VLSI Circuit Design.
  • VLSI System Design.
  • VLSI ASIC Design.




Dr. Federico Sandoval Ibarra

Current projects:

  • Hybrid Sigma-Delta CT/DT in cascade of the downsampling multirate type.
  • Synthesis of a discrete-time,4th order low-pass Sigma-Delta modulator in 130 nm CMOS technology.
  • Design of ring VCOs of the differential type in 0.5um CMOS technology.
  • Synthesis of a CMOS sigma-delta modulator in discrete-time.


Dr. Juan Luis Del Valle Padilla

Current projects:

  • Design and characterization of class AB power amplifiers based on LDMOS transistors for RFID applications in the 900Mhz band.
  • High voltage transistors in standard CMOS technology.
  • Circuits and applications based on MOS floating gate transistors.
  • Design and simulations of a Class E power amplifier with line transmissions in RF using 0.5um AMI CMOS technology.


Dra. Susana Ortega Cisneros

She specializes in the design of digital architecture based on FPGAs, DSPs and Microprocessors. The main lines of investigation, which she works, are:

  • Digital Control
  • Self-Timed Synchronization
  • Electronic Systems Applied to Biomedicine
  • Embedded Microprocessor Design
  • Digital electronics
  • Custom DSPs in FPGAs.


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