Lectures by E.J. Bayro-Corrochano

During my career I have been teaching a large variety of courses in computer science 
and applied mathematics related with the fields of:

1.	signal processing and filtering
2. 	modern control theory 
3. 	computer structure
4. 	image analysis and processing 
5.	pattern recognition
6. 	neural networks
7. 	computer vision
8. 	robotics 
9. 	applications of geometric (Clifford) algebra 
10. 	applications of Lie algebras 
11. 	virtual reality, visualization 
12. 	algorithmic and complexity 

I have also organized laboratories for 

13.	signal processing 
14. 	neural computing 
15. 	computer vision 
16.	robotics 

I wrote course material published as intern lecture notes and handouts available for students 
at the library or my homepage. I also wrote for Windows or Linux programs and subroutines 
in Assembler, Pascal, C++, Maple and Mathlab for illustrating concepts and helping the students
to develop and improve their own application programs. I am actively collaborating with other 
international groups interchanging ideas and programs for the improvement of computational tools.