Nerixis Project


Nerixis is a multidisciplinary project initiated in 2008 at the unit of Advanced Engineering of Cinvestav, Guadalajara, México.  Divided into three stages, the project objective is to develop process concepts for biorefining considering the characteristics of the Mexican agricultural and economic sectors. These include the production of biomaterials and second generation biofuels using and adapting technologies that may have a medium-term impact in the local industrial and energy sectors.

The project activities span from scientific research to technology development for biomass use to produce bioproducts and biofuels. The development of process technologies focusses on proof-of-concept principles and semi-pilot scales.  

The project is currently in its second stage and as part of the results a conceptual design has been produced for a 10² ton/day DB biorefinery coproducing bioetanol, biogas and biohydrogen. The use of the residual lignin is also considered for the production of biofertilizers.   A detailed study of the environmental, social and economic impacts (a life-cycle analysis) of this design is currently underway.  An analysis of the contribution of these technologies to the National Energetic Plan (Mexican Energy Secretary) is also included. The proof-of-concept processes will be implemented at a 1kg-scale equipment for all processing stages.

Nerixis also provides analysis and engineering services related to the use of biomass for the production of bioprocesses and biofuels. These include characterization of biomass, economic and environmental feasibility studies of industrial processes, conceptual process design for bioprocesses for biomass utilization, among others.

Institutions participating in the second stage of the project

Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Life Sciences




Biofuels Laboratory
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