The Mexican Association for Computer Vision, Neural Computing and Robotics (MACVNR) ( were honored to join and become one of IAPR member societies. The MACVNR has got 32 members and it joined IAPR in the category A1 in April 2004. Our community plans to participate in the activities of IAPR bringing to Mexico sponsored international workshops and conferences in the fields of pattern recognition, computer vision, robotics, neural computing, artificial intelligence, intelligent control, virtual reality and geometric computing. Our members are looking forward to getting involved with the technical committees.
The economical, technical and scientific presence of Mexico in the international arena is growing rapidly, so that it was urgent for Mexico to be presented as a potential IAPR member. In Mexico there are 24 PhD programs in Electrical Engineering and 17 PhD programs in Computer Science credited officially by the Ministry of Education and CONACYT (Comite Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología). There are also 12 PhD programs in Mathematics and 15 PhD programs in Physics. The work of research groups in pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, robotics, image analysis and processing and computer vision is mainly related to these graduate programs and focuses on basic and applied research of the listed fields. The groups interact and cooperate by join supervision of theses, organization of workshops and conferences, as well as participation and research projects founded by the Ministry of Education and CONACYT. Many researchers of these groups are known internationally and participate actively in conferences and committees throughout the country and abroad.
The MACVNR would like to express its happiness to be the first Mexican association to join the IAPR society, and to invite all of the IAPR members to participate in our scientific activities for health, technological progress, preservation of environment and heritage, airspace and non-military research. We hope to establish scientific cooperation and deep friendship, and to be able to welcome in our warm and ancient country.
Chair Prof. Dr. Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano Computer Science Department, GEOVIS Laboratory CINVESTAV, Unidad Guadalajara, México